Smart Home Setup

Ready to Raise Your Home's IQ?

Ready to Raise Your Home's IQ?

Take advantage of R.A. Communications, LLC's affordable smart home setup services

Today's technology makes everyday tasks, like adjusting our indoor temperature and turning off lights, easier than ever. That's why the pros at R.A. Communications, LLC are offering smart home setup services for local homeowners.

We work with our clients' budgets and brand preferences to install high-tech locks, lightbulbs and thermostats. You can even count on us to hide any unsightly wires.

To learn about any of our Alexa or Google Home products, contact us today.

Check out the benefits of switching to smart devices

Whether you have a smart device that you haven't installed or you need us to provide one, you can count on our crew to install a high-quality smart home system efficiently. By installing smart devices, you can make your home more:

  • Secure - never worry about forgetting to lock your doors again with our smart security system
  • Convenient - manage your home's temperature, lighting and locking devices easily with the touch of a button on your phone
  • Energy-efficient - go green by programming your lights and thermostat to turn off automatically when you leave a room

Make the switch today - call 248-795-8710 to schedule smart home setup services.